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Why Do Women Fake Orgasms? Part One

The Pantomime of Sex Imagine a time when you’re having sex with someone. You’re into it, it’s definitely not bad, but you are distracted and you know you won’t come. […]

Faking Orgasms: Confessions

The G’s Spot community got in touch and shared their experiences re FAKING ORGASMS. And guess what…? Statistically, the MAJORITY of women have, or do, fake it. 4 in 5 […]

It’s only sex: how do we break the stigma? Part 2

So why is it still so difficult to talk about sex openly? In times of contemplation, I often turn to my survey results to see what my fellow sisters told […]

It’s only sex: how do we break the stigma? Part 1

Confessions I started this blog because of a ‘penny-drop’ moment I had over a year ago.  A good friend of mine revealed one evening, after a couple of wines, that […]

How to masturbate like a queen in 2019

Boss Ladies Changing the Self-Pleasure Game The sex toy and products industry has historically been dominated by men: phallic-shaped dildos, seedy sex shops, gaudy packaging and a whiff of cheesy […]

Interview with the SENSATIONAL Isabel Losada

Who is Isabel Losada? Isabel Losada is a British author who wrote one of my favourite books about sexuality. It’s called Sensation. Listen to our interview below: My love letter to […]

“VAGINA” – A Review

I’m here to talk about nerves.   It’s a topic I haven’t given much thought to since A Level Biology. I vaguely remember being taught how the body and the […]

About the Illustrator: Bronwen Bender

Whilst I was planning G’s Spot last year, I knew that I wanted to establish an unique and beautiful design for the blog via illustration and art.  I was also […]

The G-Spot: A Myth Debunked

For those who didn’t read my last post about the G-spot, I essentially left it on this note: WTF IS A G-SPOT, PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME.     Flailing around, […]

G’s Spot goes to Manchester to do some sex talks!

A G’s Spot milestone happened last month.   I was invited to Manchester by the charity Sexpression, to do a series of talks about female sexual pleasure.   When I […]