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The Orgasm Gap Masterclass

    Join me on 28th March for my online Masterclass about The Orgasm Gap     * What is The Orgasm Gap? ** The O-Gap is the sex equivalent […]

Looking back on Season One: WTF is actually going on?

Reflection I’m writing this from my hotel room on 1st Jan 2020 in Melbourne, Australia. Finally. It’s an article that I’ve been putting off for ages and I’m not sure […]

Period Sex: G’s Spot x Ferly Collab

I wrote an article about PERIOD SEX that is now live on the Ferly App as an audio piece I travel back through history to understand WHY period sex is […]

The G’s Spot Guide to Sex Ed

Sexuality Education for all Today is World Sexual Health Day. And this year’s theme is ‘Sexuality Education for All’ A very worthy topic because sadly, we live in a world […]

Faking Orgasms: A LGBTQ+ Perspective

One of my hypotheses for why women fake orgasms is that women prescribe to the RED HOT PENETRATIVE SEX model we see in porn and movies, which doesn’t really prioritise […]

Why do women fake their orgasms? Part Two

In my previous post, I spoke about Red Hot Sex (coined by Isabel Losada) –  the pressures, the expectations, the performance, the emphasis on penetration, the lack of realistic alternatives […]

Why Do Women Fake Orgasms? Part One

The Pantomime of Sex Imagine a time when you’re having sex with someone. You’re into it, it’s definitely not bad, but you are distracted and you know you won’t come. […]

Faking Orgasms: Confessions

The G’s Spot community got in touch and shared their experiences re FAKING ORGASMS. And guess what…? Statistically, the MAJORITY of women have, or do, fake it. 4 in 5 […]

It’s only sex: how do we break the stigma? Part 2

So why is it still so difficult to talk about sex openly? In times of contemplation, I often turn to my survey results to see what my fellow sisters told […]

It’s only sex: how do we break the stigma? Part 1

Confessions I started this blog because of a ‘penny-drop’ moment I had over a year ago.  A good friend of mine revealed one evening, after a couple of wines, that […]

How to masturbate like a queen in 2019

Boss Ladies Changing the Self-Pleasure Game The sex toy and products industry has historically been dominated by men: phallic-shaped dildos, seedy sex shops, gaudy packaging and a whiff of cheesy […]

Interview with the SENSATIONAL Isabel Losada

Who is Isabel Losada? Isabel Losada is a British author who wrote one of my favourite books about sexuality. It’s called Sensation. Listen to our interview below: My love letter to […]

“VAGINA” – A Review

I’m here to talk about nerves.   It’s a topic I haven’t given much thought to since A Level Biology. I vaguely remember being taught how the body and the […]

About the Illustrator: Bronwen Bender

Whilst I was planning G’s Spot last year, I knew that I wanted to establish an unique and beautiful design for the blog via illustration and art.  I was also […]

The G-Spot: A Myth Debunked

For those who didn’t read my last post about the G-spot, I essentially left it on this note: WTF IS A G-SPOT, PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME.     Flailing around, […]

G’s Spot goes to Manchester to do some sex talks!

A G’s Spot milestone happened last month.   I was invited to Manchester by the charity Sexpression, to do a series of talks about female sexual pleasure.   When I […]

The G-Spot is a myth (…or is it?!)

Prepping for and writing this article has proven to be a difficult, frustrating, head-banging-against-a-brick-wall type of task.   Because despite immersing myself in beautiful and enlightening sex books, podcasts, videos […]

Let’s Talk About Female Masturbation

Finger painting. Stroking the kitty. Buttering your muffin. Ménage à moi.     Whatever you call it, it’s time to talk about female masturbation. The majority of women are going […]


Last weekend, I went to a screening at the ICA of short films about sex…     Specifically, short animation films made by women about sex from a female perspective. The event […]

10 Fascinating Facts about the Clitoris That We Should …

1. This is what the clitoris looks like:     2. The clitoris is a bit like buried treasure. Most of it is not visible to us. The little nubbin […]

The Devil’s Teat

Last week, I wrote about how the clitoris is not a button, it is in fact an iceberg. I wrote about how most of this pleasure organ is external, and […]

This is what your clitoris ACTUALLY looks like

I was convinced that the clitoris looks like this:     Essentially, a little nubbin that protrudes out, near the top of the vulva, that you can stroke and that […]

Masturbating with a Toothbrush

I thought I knew loads about the clitoris. Turns out I don’t.   Which is a shame because it’s been part of my life for a long time.   As […]

‘Flapz’ and ‘Willy Hole’ : Can you label your b …

So, following on from last week’s post … I think we have safely established that the diagrams that I printed off for my focus groups were of VULVAS, not vaginas. […]

V is for Vulva

I can in no way claim I am an expert when it comes to sex and intimacy.   In fact, I am an amateur… But I am on a journey […]

Viva the Vulva

I worked in the advertising industry for 5 years, and I couldn’t be more happy to see that this stigma-smashing, taboo-hurling, forward-thinking and sex-positive ad has been made:     […]

WTF is going on?

It has come to my attention that there hasn’t been that much widespread and representative research carried out and dedicated to female sexuality and pleasure.   I guess I shouldn’t […]

Lips Illustration by Bronwen Bender

The Sexual Charade

I had a brain-bending, mind-expanding, ‘penny drop’ moment when I realised that sex for many of us women – especially women who have penetrative sex – can be kind of […]

My First Post

Hello and welcome, my Spot sisters and misters!   My name is Georgia and this is a space for conversations about sex.   And who can resist a pun?… It’s […]

About G’s Spot

Hi!   My name is Georgia.   I am twenty-seven and I live in London.   I really enjoy talking about, researching about, reading about and thinking about, sex.   […]

Georgia at laptop on terrace

Mission Statement

I have launched this digital platform because it has profoundly affected me that beneath the projection of a progressive, educated and liberated society there lies the murky reality that female […]