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“VAGINA” – A Review

I’m here to talk about nerves.   It’s a topic I haven’t given much thought to since A Level Biology. I vaguely remember being taught how the body and the […]

About the Illustrator: Bronwen Bender

Whilst I was planning G’s Spot last year, I knew that I wanted to establish an unique and beautiful design for the blog via illustration and art.  I was also […]

The G-Spot: A Myth Debunked

For those who didn’t read my last post about the G-spot, I essentially left it on this note: WTF IS A G-SPOT, PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME.     Flailing around, […]

G’s Spot goes to Manchester to do some sex talks!

A G’s Spot milestone happened last month.   I was invited to Manchester by the charity Sexpression, to do a series of talks about female sexual pleasure.   When I […]

The G-Spot is a myth (…or is it?!)

Prepping for and writing this article has proven to be a difficult, frustrating, head-banging-against-a-brick-wall type of task.   Because despite immersing myself in beautiful and enlightening sex books, podcasts, videos […]

Let’s Talk About Female Masturbation

Finger painting. Stroking the kitty. Buttering your muffin. Ménage à moi.     Whatever you call it, it’s time to talk about female masturbation. The majority of women are going […]


Last weekend, I went to a screening at the ICA of short films about sex…     Specifically, short animation films made by women about sex from a female perspective. The event […]

10 Fascinating Facts about the Clitoris That We Should …

1. This is what the clitoris looks like:     2. The clitoris is a bit like buried treasure. Most of it is not visible to us. The little nubbin […]

The Devil’s Teat

Last week, I wrote about how the clitoris is not a button, it is in fact an iceberg. I wrote about how most of this pleasure organ is external, and […]

This is what your clitoris ACTUALLY looks like

I was convinced that the clitoris looks like this:     Essentially, a little nubbin that protrudes out, near the top of the vulva, that you can stroke and that […]

Masturbating with a Toothbrush

I thought I knew loads about the clitoris. Turns out I don’t.   Which is a shame because it’s been part of my life for a long time.   As […]

‘Flapz’ and ‘Willy Hole’ : Can you label your b …

So, following on from last week’s post … I think we have safely established that the diagrams that I printed off for my focus groups were of VULVAS, not vaginas. […]

V is for Vulva

I can in no way claim I am an expert when it comes to sex and intimacy.   In fact, I am an amateur… But I am on a journey […]

Viva the Vulva

I worked in the advertising industry for 5 years, and I couldn’t be more happy to see that this stigma-smashing, taboo-hurling, forward-thinking and sex-positive ad has been made:     […]

WTF is going on?

It has come to my attention that there hasn’t been that much widespread and representative research carried out and dedicated to female sexuality and pleasure.   I guess I shouldn’t […]

Lips Illustration by Bronwen Bender

The Sexual Charade

I had a brain-bending, mind-expanding, ‘penny drop’ moment when I realised that sex for many of us women – especially women who have penetrative sex – can be kind of […]

My First Post

Hello and welcome, my Spot sisters and misters!   My name is Georgia and this is a space for conversations about sex.   And who can resist a pun?… It’s […]

About G’s Spot

Hi!   My name is Georgia.   I am twenty-seven and I live in London.   I really enjoy talking about, researching about, reading about and thinking about, sex.   […]

Georgia at laptop on terrace

Mission Statement

I have launched this digital platform because it has profoundly affected me that beneath the projection of a progressive, educated and liberated society there lies the murky reality that female […]