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How to masturbate like a queen in 2019

written by Georgia Rose

Boss Ladies Changing the Self-Pleasure Game

The sex toy and products industry has historically been dominated by men: phallic-shaped dildos, seedy sex shops, gaudy packaging and a whiff of cheesy eroticism. 

That is until now. 

Enter stage left: new, stylish products driven by emerging female entrepreneurs who have decided to take female self-pleasure into their own hands. 

They have rebranded this market as ‘sexual wellness’. These are toys and products aimed at women, made by women, who understand female sexuality and satisfaction. 

Their aim is to elevate the status of female pleasure and to help integrate it more seamlessly into our everyday lives. 

YES! How empowering and essential are these women!?

Forget about taboo, stigma, sleaze and phallus toys. Instead, associate female masturbation with style, intimacy, design, wellness and empowerment. Woman to woman.

Here is your GUIDE to G’s Spot favourite products to help you masturbate like a sassy, feminist, independent queen in 2019…

Best of: Getting in the Mood



Founded by Gina Gutierrez and Faye Keegan

‘We’re on a mission to help women tap into their sexual powers more accessibly.’

Dispea offers short + sexy audio stories on a beautifully designed app that you can download for free. Enjoy relatable, elevated, erotic audio content – with a myriad of different ‘categories’ – to get your mind in a sexy, turned on space.

Available on the Apple store



Founded by Billie Quinlan and Anna Hushlak

The Ferly app aims to empower women to discover and explore the full potential of their sexual minds, bodies and pleasure. The app is far-reaching in its objective to help women become the mindful central character of their own sex life and satisfaction. Make sure to check out Ferly’s sensual audio stories and guided practices to help users reconnect with their bodies and erotic selves.

Available on the Apple store



Founded by Lydia Daniller and Rob Perkins

‘Lifting the veil on women’s sexual pleasure. Exploring the specific ways women find pleasure, based on new research’.

Made popular by Emma Watson, this pioneering, slick, female-centric website uses honest and direct IRL videos to demonstrate different masturbatory techniques. Watch and then copy, ladies! Season Two has just launched, which has extended its focus to ‘inside’ pleasure. Check it out – this website is refreshingly open, some might even say revolutionary.

Best of: Porn

Make Love Not Porn


Founded by Cindy Gallop

This website and its founder deserve their own blog post, not just a little paragraph. In a nutshell, the formidable Cindy Gallop started MLNP as a ‘video sharing platform’ (much like YouTube) where users can share videos of them having sex. The aim? To socialise and normalise sex and to help us tell the difference between ‘normal’ sex and ‘porn’ sex. Join for free, and watch real people have real sex.

Cindy Gallop’s Ted Talk about MLNP – a must watch! I have such a crush on her

Erika Lust


Launched by erotic film director, Erika Lust, Xconfessions brands itself as indie adult cinema. Think pornography, but ethically made. Everyone in the production process is paid, diversity is embraced, filming is safe and consenting and women’s pleasure matters in these films! Plus they look amazing! Erika is a pioneering feminist with a mission to offer an alternative to mass-produced mainstream porn. Enjoy!

Arty + Refreshing: not the images you would usually see on a porn website!

Best of: Toys



Founded by Dina Epstein and Eva Goicochea

Maude is all about making stylish, modern, high-quality products. The sex ‘essentials’ made simple. Their personal ‘massager’ called ‘The Vibe’ won Best-in-Show in New York Magazine last year. It’s waterproof and so sleek that you wouldn’t even have to hide it away in your ‘lucky drawer’. Nor their lube for that matter, which is made from organic, natural ingredients and comes in classy Aesop-esque packaging.



Founded by Elena (from Yoni Empire) and Adela

These pleasure cheerleaders based in Amsterdam have created high quality, luxurious products, made from marble and gemstone, that concentrate solely on stimulating and awakening the inside of the vagina. Onna aims to expand all women’s orgasmic potential, and believe that their toys can help women experience g-spot orgasms and female ejaculation. Their toys are beautiful and the attention they give to their customers is genuine and devoted. It’s worth checking out their socials, and their Pleasure Monday newsletters!



Founded by Polly Rodriguez and Sarah Jayne

Like many female entrepreneurs in this sector, Unbound call their products ‘sex tech’ rather than ‘toys’ – the feel the latter infantilises female sexual pleasure. Unbound create cool, innovatively designed products in shapes that prioritise clitoral stimulation. Their shop and products make up part of their mission to revolutionise how women experience and relate to their own sexuality. Check out the Bean as well as the newly released Palma Vibrator Ring (it legit looks like a fashion piece!)

Dame Products


Founded by Alex Fine and Janet Lieberman

Dame is about ‘engineering for intimacy’. Toys created by women, tested on women in the ‘Dame Labs’ community, aimed at closing the pleasure gap. Alex Fine and Janet Lieberman created Dame to make sex toys they couldn’t find on the market. They boast unconventional designs such as the hands-free ‘Eva II’ and the Fin which is worn between the fingers.

Eva II

Best of: Lube

Unbound x Dazy CBD Lube


Founded by Polly Rodriguez and Sarah Jayne

I know I’ve already mentioned Unbound BUT… props to them for fusing together 2019’s two major wellbeing trends: sexual wellness and CBD. Dazy is a water-based lube infused with CBD oil, which can help reduce inflammation, pain, tight muscles and anxiety surrounding sex. Feel at ease and relax! This product might be particularly interesting for those who suffer from vaginismus. CBD lube is gaining more and more popularity and if it’s a product that interests you, Foria Wellness (although not founded by female entrepreneurs!) is worth checking out. It’s creating quite the buzz (pun intended)!



Founded by father-daughter team Jeffrey and Meika Hollender

Wellness and activism lie at the core of Sustain, who ensure that their products are safe for both the planet and our vaginas. Plus 10% of their profits go to women’s healthcare organisations! Their water-based lube is made with natural and organic materials which don’t irritate the vagina and which enhances its natural lubrication as well. FYI – their whole website is worth checking out…They make sustainable condoms!



Founded by Amy Buckalter

Say goodbye to cold lube! Bid farewell to taking pause to inconveniently deal with messy lube bottles! Pulse’s USP – besides their moisturising lubricants made with natural ingredients – is the warming dispenser that their lube comes in. Simply place your hand under the dispenser to get a precisely-measured serving of warm lube to your hand, mess-free! How cutting edge!

I hope you have found this post useful and inspiring. Happy shopping!


Bronwen Bender – illustrator

www.brownwenbender.com / @bronwen.bender