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About G’s Spot

written by Georgia Rose



My name is Georgia.


I am twenty-seven and I live in London.


I really enjoy talking about, researching about, reading about and thinking about, sex.


I studied the history of sex, sexuality and gender at university in Scotland. I then went on to do TV production in advertising in London, which was certainly sexually charged and saucy, but in a different type of way.


And then, years later, I picked up a book in an old bookstore in Aldeburgh whilst on holiday. It was Wendy Jones’s The Sex Lives of British Women. An old interest was ignited. I suppose the book found me at the right time, I was on the hunt for a new passion project. That was over a year ago, and this platform is now launched, and the fire in my belly certainly shows no sign of dampening.


My granny’s name is Wendy Jones. She didn’t write the book and she doesn’t really know who I am anymore, but we were very close and it does seem like one of those funny coincidences that someone called Wendy Jones started all this. I like to think of it as a good omen. Although, she would be absolutely horrified to know that I was writing about sex.


Here’s to you Wendy Jones.

Aldeburgh Bookshop