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Sex After Peer Pressure

Sex After Peer Pressure

Sex After Peer Pressure

Sex After Sobriety

Sex After Sobriety

Africa Brooke is a mindset coach and speaker, a sobriety advocate and the founder of The Cherry Revolution movement that aims to break societal norms surrounding female sexuality by making […]

Sex After An Abortion

Sex After An Abortion

Pregnant This is my story about sex after an abortion. I found out I was pregnant last April. I found out during the summer between my second and third year […]

mutilated rose metaphorical image for FGM


Today marks the International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation. In response to this, G’s Spot has collaborated with Isabella of @the.f.sex to curate a post as part […]

mutilated and sutured rose to represent FGM

Sex After FGM // Introduction

Collaboration And as you may be aware, I am currently in the midst of a ‘Sex After’ series on G’s Spot. So, in response to tomorrow’s International Day of Zero […]

Sonja Semion on heterosexual sex after lesbian sex

Sex After Leaving My Wife for a Man

This elegant piece that focuses on experiences of pansexuality and the differences (and similarities!) between heterosexual and lesbian sex is written by Sonja Semion. She is a healer of the […]

Sex After Depression

Sex After Depression

Where should I begin this story, about my experience of sex after depression? From when I was in Hong Kong or perhaps, where I am now? Let’s start at the […]

Sex After Assault: Advice for Others from Billie

Healing The reason why I wanted to take part in this project is because I’ve learned that these stories can really help other people. You might be able to see […]

Sex After Assault

Georgia’s note: This story focuses on the experience of sex and sexuality after sexual assault. But to help contextualise the reading, the heroine of this piece was assaulted by a […]

Introducing Season Two: ‘Sex After’

I was at a sex-positive book launch in central London when it suddenly dawned on me what Season Two of G’s Spot was going to be about. We were discussing […]